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Sporenil is an organic liquid formulation fungicide containing Trichoderma harzianum (against phytopathogens) which controls all types of wilt (Fusarium, Verticilium), Damping off, root rot, stem rot, pythium & used as a biostimulation for increasing plant vigor.

CFU Count 2*10^6/ml


"Sporenil invades fungal spored through lytic enzymes, acts as a parasite and through antibiosis leads to the death of the fungus. Sporonil acts as a biostimulant helping in plant growth promotion by supplying essential nutrients such as N, P, Ca, Cu, Mb, Mg, Zn and Fe."


Pack size 1 lit

Features & Benefits

  • Sporenil Control all type of Wilt (Fusarium,Verticilium)
  • Sporenil acts as a biostimulant by supplying essential nutrients from soil to plant
  • Compliments other Biological fungicides like Pseudomonas fluorescence
  • Sporenil Approved by CIBRC for usage as BIOFUNGICIDE
  • Easy to Apply through Drip/Foliar Spray