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Omninxt is an environmental friendly biological nutrient consortia that provides the crops with all the essential nutrients and helps in fixing the atmospheric nitrogen, converting potash into absorbable form & helps to solubilize phosphate for better absorption by the crop. Omninxt helps in improving the soil health and overall quality of the crop.

CFU Count 3*10^7/gm


Azospirillum brasilense converts atmospheric nitrogen into an easily absorbable form. The Unsoluble form of phosphate is converted into easily absorbable form by Phosphate Solubilizing bacteria (Bacillus Megaterium) . The potassium already present in the soil is made available for plant uptake by Potash Mobilizing bacteria(Bacillus mucilaginosus)


Pack size 100gm

Features & Benefits

  • Omninxt contain 3 Bacterial Strains in Customized ratio
    1) Azospirillum brasilense >> NITROGEN FIXATION
    2) Bacillus megaterium >> PHOSPHORUS SOLUBILISATION
    3) Bacillus mucilaginosus >> POTASH MOBILISATION
  • Omninxt is compatible and ready to mix with all chemical straight & bulk, water soluble and liquid fertilizer for all segments like Broadcast, Soil Mix, Seedling Dip, Drench or Drip.
  • Omninxt is certified and approved by FCO