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"Downil is an environmental friendly liquid formulation containing 10 crore beneficial microbes( Bacillus subtilis) per ml of liquid that provides control against seed, soil and airborne diseases. It also helps in building resistance against various tough fungal diseases in crops."

CFU Count 1*10^8/ml


Downil's Bacteria colonizes near roots and leaves of the plant and inhibits spore germination, germ tube growth and interferes with the attachment of disease-causing plant pathogen. It also induces the self defense system of the plant against pathogens


Pack size 1 Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Downil colonizes near roots and leaves of the plants and fight with Pathogen
  • Controls Downy Mildew through root colonization
  • Downil can be used as an alternate spray with chemical fungicides for control of Downy Mildew
  • Indigenous highly virulent strain against Scelrospora spp. specifically against Pernospora parasitica fungal pathogen causing Downy Mildew in various crops.
  • It produces antibiotics called Iturin that kills or suppress the further growth of fungal pathogen
  • Approved by CIBRC for usage as BIOFUNGICIDE