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ZANET is a unique combination of fungicide and bactericide containing Thiophanate Methyl and Kasugamycin in Suspension concentrate formulation. ZANET is a broad spectrum, strong systemic fungicide providing excellent control against Bacterial Leaf Spot & Powdery Mildew. ZANET has Japanese technology with preventive & curative action.


It is a systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action and inhibits the hyphal growth of fungi and prevent development of lesion of the fungi. It kills bacteria and fungi by inhibiting the protein synthesis by interfering in the formation of amino acids in them


Pack size 100 ml, 400ml, 1lit

Features & Benefits

  • Broad spectrum disease control: ZANET is an effective preventive fungicide and bactericide which controls wide range of the fungal and bacterial diseases caused on tomato.
  • Cost effective: Cost benefits for disease control over modern fungicides
  • Efficacy: Superior preventative activity