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Kirari is the Downy Mildew expert and has a world class chemistry with unique mode of action which effectively control different stages of Oomycetes fungi. Kirari has Japanese technology with preventive & curative action. It quickly penetrates into wax layer of leaves and thus not affected by rains. It is safe for bees, it has Blue Triangle and registered in many countries like EU, Japan, USA, Australia and Canada etc. which is now available in India.


It is a Contact and locally systemic fungicide with preventive and curative action and inhibits the mitochondrial respiration of the fungi. It targets the Complex III, Cytochrome BC1 (Ubiquinone reductase) at Qi site.


Pack size 150 ml

Features & Benefits

  • Clear effective control on mycelium growth.
  • It can save 2-3 sprays as KIRARI gives long duration control.
  • Healthy Plant & Healthy Bunches in KIRARI sprayed plant.
  • More healthy greener leaves.
  • Strong erect and Vigorous plants.
  • Contact and locally systemic
  • Environmentally Safe: Safe for Bees
  • It has Phytotonic effect on plant