Dhanucop - Copper Oxychloride Fungicide, Fungicide for Bacterial Diseases
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Dhanucop (Copper Oxychloride 50% WP) is a copper based broad spectrum fungicide which controls the fungal as well as bacterial diseases by its contact action. It also effectively controls the fungus resistant to other fungicides. Due to its fine particles, it sticks to the leaves and helps to restrict the growth of the fungus.


It is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide with protective action. Copper because of its strong bonding affinity to amino acids and carboxyl groups, reacts with protein and acts as an enzyme inhibitor in target organisms. Copper kills spores by combining with sulphahydral groups of certain enzymes. Spores actively accumulate copper and thus germination of spores is inhibited, even at lower concentrations.


Pack size 500 gm, 25 kg

Features & Benefits

  • Dhanucop due to less solubility, gradually releases copper ions, thereby it controls the disease for a longer period.
  • Provides thickness to leaves and hence preferred by the farmers. Provides Copper nutrition to crop.
  • Very high Suspensibility and smallest particle size.
  • Ideal fungicide during hailstorms/ rains.
  • Being natural compound, safe to mammals.