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Maize-Mustard-Mung (3M) cropping system: an efficient and viable crop diversification solution

ByMarch 20, 2023 Publisher
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Food security, a remarkable result of green revolution

Undesirable effects of Rice-Wheat cropping system

Why need for diversification of rice-wheat cropping system ?

3M - A suitable cropping system for diversification

Crop Components of 3M



Maize based industries:

1.Feed for Livestock and poultry

2. Starch Industry

3. Brewery & Ethanol Industry

• 4. Processed Food Industry

5. Scope for Export


II. Mustard


III. Mung

Table 1. Comparison of rice-wheat based cropping system for diversification in Indo-Gangetic Plains

Figure 2 Source: HS Jat et al, ICAR - CSSRI, Karnal 2018-21

Haryana Govt has already made policy to save Ground water and to promote Crop Diversification.

Advisory to farmers:

Dhanuka Helpline (1800-102-1022) and other appropriate knowledge agencies.

The above blog is written by Dr.Sain Dass, Former Director, ICAR-DMR. Dr.Dass and his team submitted a proposal based on Maize-Mustard - Mung (3M) model for diversification of cropping system to Govt. of Haryana for adaptation.