Everything You Need To Know About Plant Growth Regulators in India
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Everything You Need To Know About Plant Growth Regulators in India

BySeptember 23, 2021 Publisher
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Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) play an important role in plant growth and yield, by helping in a regularizing process of cell division during plant growth. Growth regulators reduce the time taken for crop maturation, rapidly increase the growth of leaves, stems as well as roots, improve the number of flowers produced, suppress adventitious buds’ development and bunch development, and restrict lateral bud development.

To ensure that your plants develop the most abundant and healthy foliage, you must condition them correctly. This goes beyond simply watering your plants. Many people are implementing Plant Growth Regulators in India into their routine and experiencing amazing results with an abundance of healthy plants. There are several different manufacturers of plant growth regulators in India.

What Do PGRs Do?

Plant growth regulators are chemicals that act to either stimulate or inhibit plant growth. They can be classified into five different types and behave differently with each type. Different responses may occur depending on the type, rate, and application timing of PGRs.

Why Should You Use Plant Growth Regulators?

1. Promote crop growth

Spraying an application of chemical agents at the beginning of the growing season, during vegetative growth stage will help to stimulate plant growth and increase the pace at which the crop will develop into maturity, which also increases the yield produced.

2. Protect the flower and fruit

Using plant growth regulators can also help protect the flower and fruit. It can prevent the falling of flowers and fruits by improving fertilization rate and promoting cell viability, thus helping plants reach their full potential and yield.

3. Increase the sugar

Third, increasing the sugar content of the fruit can also be done using plant growth regulators. Just as mentioned above, you can spray crops with growth regulators to increase sugar content and improve the quality and yield of the fruits.

4. Improve the photosynthesis ability

By spraying plant growth regulators on crops, they can enhance the growth and photosynthesis of crops, accelerate the absorption, metabolism, and storage of nutrients by crops. Spraying plant growth regulators can increase the growth and quality of crops.

How Do Plant Hormones Work?

Plant hormones are chemicals that coordinate a plant's development and growth. Majorly, six different plant hormones alter the growth of plants:

  • Auxins - Auxins are hormones that do many things: they stimulate cells to elongate, initiate root growth, develop the vascular tissue of plants, and cause tropic movements (the bending of plants toward the light) and the development of buds and flowers.
  • Cytokinins – These are chemicals or hormones that help cells divide and facilitate bud formation.
  • Gibberellins – Gibberellins are a class of plant hormones that are responsible for making plant stems grow and flowers bloom.
  • Ethylene – Ethylene isn't necessary for plant growth, but it can affect the growth of shoots and roots and causes flowers to die. It also promotes ripening.
  • Plant growth inhibitors – Plant growth inhibitors are chemicals that stop or slow down the growth of plants and cause the growth of flowers instead.
  • Growth Retardants – Although they don’t stop growth, they may slow it down.

When these hormones are altered using plant growth regulators, it allows you to achieve desired yields and results, depending on the type of PGR you use.

Why Choose Dhanuka Agritech for PGRs?

If you’re looking for the best plant growth regulators in India, you should check the variety of products available at Dhanuka Agritech. With an extensive manufacturing and distribution network, the company provides high-quality plant growth regulators at affordable prices.

It features world-class testing laboratories and has partnered with some of the leading agrochemical companies located across the world to harness the latest technology available for the Indian farmlands.

With nearly 316 registrations of insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and fungicides, Dhanuka covers the major segment of the agrochemical industry. It offers timeless solutions for a variety of crops including wheat, cotton, sugarcane, paddy, pulses, vegetable, fruits, and so on.

The processes carried out by the company are completely eco-friendly and comply with all statutory requirements that ensure it is safe for humans. It’s one of the pioneers of the agrochemical industries in India.

Bottom Line

Plant growth regulators, more casually known by the acronym “PGRs” are chemical compounds used to control and manipulate plant growth. Examples include auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins – the three most commonly used PGRs in commercial & greenhouse production.

One of the most effective ways to grow your plants indoors and in the field is to use plant growth regulators. PGRs are essential for successful indoor growing, especially if you are a beginner or kitchen farmer or involved in terrace farming. In case you’re wondering what plant growth regulators are best for you, make sure to check out Dhanuka’s inventory.

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Everything You Need To Know About Plant Growth Regulators in India

Everything You Need To Know About Plant Growth Regulators in India

BySeptember 23, 2021