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The major environment challenges faced by Indian agriculture include how to conserve our basic agricultural assets such as land, water & biodiversity and how to make agriculture sustainable? Farming is sensitive to short term and long term climate changes. Both of these kinds of changes affect farming directly (due to change in temperature, precipitation and/or CO2 levels) and indirectly (through changes in soil, distribution and frequency of infestation by pests, insects, diseases or weeds). These environmental issues have already affected many crops in India. To handle these challenges, attention need to be paid on soil, irrigation water, nutrients, crops and their management practices so as to sustain the productivity and to ensure food and environmental security of the country.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited is regularly working on these issues and generating awareness amongst the farming community. We are continuously encouraging best agricultural practices including use of modern technologies, judicious use of fertilizer and green manure as per the soil test report for better soil health, insuring the crop and produce, use of hybrid seeds, judicious use of agro chemicals, saving water in agriculture through use of drip and sprinkler irrigation technique etc. We are also educating farmers not to burn crop residue/stubble in their fields that pollutes the environment.


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An estimated 1.3 billion workers are engaged in agricultural production worldwide. This represents half of the total world labor force. Only 9% of agricultural workers are in industrialized countries. Almost 60% of them are in developing countries. A great majority of agricultural workers are found in Asia, which is the most densely populated region of the world, with more than 40% of the world's agricultural population concentrated in China and more than 20% in India.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited with its aspiration of “Transforming India through Agriculture” highlights the company’s mission statement DKKNT (Dhanuka Kheti Ki Nai Takneek, Har kisan ke khushiyali ke liye) which is focused on providing end-to-end farming solutions through training and educating farmers. We intend to minimize crop losses from Indian farmlands and improve yield and quality of produce. We have been distributing safety spraying kits to farmers for personal protection & hygiene. The company encourages good agricultural practices during routine Farmer Meetings and other seminars.


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Dhanuka Agritech Limited has been involved in a number of community welfare programs under its CSR initiatives to assist in the sustainable development of society. It strives to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the society in which it operates by laying special emphasis on promoting education, eradication of hunger, poverty and mal-nutrition, conservation of water, deployment of water for agriculture and human use. All projects are planned in a participatory manner with the local community and gauging their basic needs. Presently, Dhanuka undertakes CSR activities that aim at improving the lives of the agricultural and rural community holistically. In the recent past, development projects in Delhi, Rajasthan (Ratangarh, Udaipur and Jaipur), Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh (Mathura and Vrindavan) Tamil Nadu (Coimbatore) and other areas across India have benefitted huge number of farmers, senior citizens, children, differently abled person and the rural community in entirety.

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It was nearly a decade ago in 2010 when we recognized the impending scarcity of water, we came up with a massive campaign "Gaon Ka Pani Gaon Mein Aur Khet Ka Pani Khet Mein…Surakshit karein" to create mass awareness about conservation and judicious use of water. Today, Dhanuka is extremely happy to note that their vision has been successfully aligned with Government of India’s agenda regarding water conservation for irrigation. The Government of India recognizes the importance of Water Conservation, Micro-irrigation, Watershed Development and ‘Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana’; enhanced water efficiency through `Per Drop More Crop’ initiative.

Every year since 2010 we are celebrating World Water Day on 22nd of March in partnership with prestigious National Institutes, State Agricultural Universities etc. where lectures on water conservation & reuse of water are organized. In addition, drawing competition on ‘Conservation of Water’ theme in schools is undertaken, a sixty seconds documentary on - Insaan Paani Bana Toh Nahi Sakta Par Bacha Jaroor Sakta Hai, highlights the importance of water conservation. Informative pamphlets, posters and banners depicting the need to save water are displayed across multiple touchpoints.Yagnas as per Hindu mythology to please the Rain Gods are being regularly undertaken for a good monsoon. We have constructed five check dams in Jugalpura, Devipura (District Sikar), Mainpura ki Dhani, Sankotra and Kothputli (Jaipur district), Rajasthan. These dams are expected to benefit approximately 10000 households having a population of over 50000.