Suelo - Soil Health Enhancer, Plant Growth Regulators
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SUELO is a Soil Health Enhancer with patented Oro-wet Technology.

SUELO delivers increased water, pesticide and nutrient movement throughout the soil, and ensures deep and even distribution for maximum effectiveness. SUELO also boosts fungicide efficacy against soil-borne diseases like Rhizoctonia in potatoes, by moving fungicides into soil pore spaces, providing increased contact with disease spores and allowing the fungicide to surround and protect the seed or root. SUELO helps to get more from every drop of water and soil applied inputs.


SUELO being a Soil Health Enhancer performs its functions only when the method of application is strignently followed. SUELO should ideally be applied through the irrigation system; drip-,micro-sprinkler and drenching methods. It can be applied by directed boom sprayer around the trees in a orchard situation, but should be washed in by micro- or overhead irrigation shortly after application.

The product, however, needs to be washed into the soil by water shortly after application. It is therefore advisable to do the application immediately with irrigation.

Pack size 250 ml, 1 Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • SUELO improves nutrient and water movement through hydrophobic soil, dense pockets and gaps.
  • SUELO increases microbial activity and metabolism by improving aerobic conditions.
  • SUELO bolsters nutrient availability through increased microbial activity.
  • SUELO moves insecticides and fungicides more completely throughout the soil profile for better efficacy.
  • SUELO enhances feeder root development through increased nutrient availability.
  • SUELO reduces waterlogging and run-off.
  • SUELO reduces hydrophobicity and improves water retention through better distribution in sandy soils.
  • SUELO improves infiltration of water in compacted soils, resulting in lower penetration resistance and less restriction of root growth.