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Mycore is an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) having endo mycorrhizal spores in granular formulation. It enhances surface area of roots and facilitates increased absorption of soil nutrients (Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium etc.) and water, ultimately helps the crop to be vigorous, to be resisitant against physical and biological stress. Eventually increases the yield and productivity of the crop.

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Mycore on application on the crop root zone, endo spores germinate on the root surface and invades the crop root by establishing symbiotic relationship. Through mycelium it gets connected to the crop roots for better root and soil establishment.

Pack size 4 KG

Features & Benefits

  • Mycore ™ contains more than 90% Endomycorrhiza which establishes symbiotic relationship with the crop.
  • Mycore ™ –Mycorrhizal spore propagules as per FCO regulations along with approved carriers
  • Agrinos HYT technology enables to load maximum number of spores firmly with carrier.
  • Mycore ™ enhances the root surface area in the soil, helps the crops to establish well with good growth and achieving higher yield.
  • Mycore ™ greatly extends the root system
  • Mycore ™ increases soil fertility and root nutrient absorption efficiency
  • Mycore ™ increases water absorption
  • Mycore ™ increases environmental stress tolerance.
  • IMO Certified