Dhanvarsha - Natural & Organic Plant Growth Regulator in India
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Dhanvarsha is a patented natural origin nitrogeneous organic Bio-nutrient derived by enzymatically & chemically treating naturally occuring animal and vegetable origin products.Dhanvarsha also contains natural peptides, natural amino acids and Bio-complexed nutrients. Dhanvarsha improves the crop yield ( quality & quantity), boosts root development, growth vigour and stress tolerance of plants. It improves viral and fungal disease resistance of crops.


Dhanvarsha is recommended on a wide range of crops including vegetables, fruit crops, oilseeds, cereals, pulses, cotton, plantation crops etc. It's mode of action depends on the right appliction method. For Foliar spray use 2 ml per ltr of water. Use 300 ml per acre diluted in minimum 150 ltr of water. Precautions: Not to be mixed with mineral oils, sulphur, copper hydroxide and alkaline products. The preliminary test should be carried out before using copper-based molecules. Dhanvarsha at 2ml per ltr of water will inactivate the hard water salts and water will be turned to pink thru yellow. If water is still yellow not turned to pink, slightly more quantity of Dhanvarsha i.e. 0.5 ml extra per ltr of water to achieve optimum pH. This will help to offer more nutrient to plant.


Pack size 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Dhanvarsha helps in germination by promoting growth in the embryo of a seed.
  • Dhanvarsha has bio catalysts which helps in faster decomposition of Organic Nutrients in soil.
  • Dhanvarsha has also natural chelating agents which help in making available micro-nutrient elements of soil in absorption form for the crop during vegetative stage.
  • Dhanvarsha improves and stabilizes soil structure for healthy plant growth which Boosts root development in crop.
  • Dhanvarsha increases phosphate availability in plant system and makes the plant strong.
  • Dhanvarsha has peptides which improves Photosynthesis and helps in nutrient transportation to various parts of the plant.
  • Dhanvarsha enhances stress tolerance of Plants and imparts bio-stimulating effect which helps in profuse flowering/tillering.
  • It Optimizes the pH of water by reducing pH of alkaline water to desired range ie. 4-6.
  • Dhanvarsha  also conditions hard water by inactivating hardness causing salts which improves effectiveness of foliar sprays.
  • Dhanvarsha improves viral and fungal disease resistance of the plant by making it stronger during vegetative stage.