Largo - Spinetoram Insecticide, Best Insecticide for Plants
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Largo belongs to the spinosyn class of insect management tools which is naturalists in origin . Largo Contains Spinetoram 11.7% SC as an active ingredient. Largo is Derived from the fermentation of saccharoplyspora spinosa ( a common soil bacterium) and is then chemically modified. Largo provides broad-spectrum insect control (Thrips & Lepidopteran insects) with excellent residual activity on a variety of crop. 


Spinetoram has a unique mode of action no other group of insecticide acts on this perticuler site of nervous system, the active ingredient in  Largo does not interact with the known binding sites of other classes of insecticide. 


Pack size 20 ml, 100 ml, 180 ml

Features & Benefits

  • Largo is a broad spectrum of activity & very efficient against multiple insect growth stages.
  • Largo contains contact and stomach poison with synthetic modifications of the ingredients.
  • Largo faster in action with better efficacy and longer duration of control.
  • Broad spectrum insect control (Thrips & Lepidopteran insect) with excellent residual activity.
  • Active by ingestion (stomach poison) and contact provide faster kill of insects.
  • World’s BEST Thripicide”- Largo penetrates leaves (translaminar) to provide control of thrips.
  • Provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum control of insect pests in a variety of crops.
  • Winner of Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award given by the US government.
  • Largo is very safe to the beneficial insect.
  • A new and effective tool for Integrated Pest Management.
  • Largo has rapid penetration & Modern  Solution technology.