Dhanpreet - Acetamiprid Systemic Insecticide for Sucking Insects
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Dhanpreet (Acetamiprid 20% SP) is a soluble powder formulation containing 20% of the active ingredient Acetamiprid. Dhanpreet is a highly effective systemic insecticide for the control of aphids, jasssids and whiteflies in cotton crop. Dhanpreet is a world renowned insecticide of Neonicotinide group for sucking insects.


Dhanpreet exhibits a systemic translaminar action. It has a novel mechanism of action on the insect nervous systems by acting as an agonist to nAch. It also exhibits triple action: ovicidal, adulticidal and larvicidal.


Pack size 20 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg

Features & Benefits

  • Dhanpreet controls the sucking insects very effectively by its extraordinary systemic action.
  • Dhanpreet has the ability to control the insects which gained resistance against other insecticides.
  • Dhanpreet is compatible with other commonly used Insecticides and Fungicides.
  • Dhanpreet persists in crops and hence has the ability to control the hiding insects for a longer time.
  • Dhanpreet is safe for natural enemies of insect-pests hence, it is also suitable for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.