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Onekil 10% EC is a combination of two new advanced chemistry which is a Post emergence, contact and systemic herbicide, which controls narrow leaf weeds as well as broad leaf weeds. Onekil is absorbed by the crop’s foliage and root system and provides longer residual control from most of the weeds. Moreover, Onekil has 1-2 hours of rain fastness.


Onekil has a dual mode of action and has excellent translocation activity.It is absorbed through leaves and moves downwards through the phloem. It is also absorbed by roots, and moves upward through the xylem. It's chemistry inhibits the fatty acid synthesis through acetyl-CoA carboxylase & disrupt the membrane through lipid peroxidation.

Pack size 250 ml & 400 ml

Features & Benefits

  • Onekil 10% EC is a complete solution for weed free Onion crop.
  • Onekil 10% EC is an innovative product developed by Dhanuka Agritech Limited.
  • Onekil 10% EC is a post emergence with dual mode of action which controls most of the annual grasses and broad leaf weeds.
  • Onekil 10% EC is absorbed by foliage and root system.
  • 1-2 hours rain fastness.