Max-Soy - Crop Weed Killer , Selective, Systemic Herbicide in India
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MAX-SOY is the first of its kind herbicide introduced in India by Dhanuka Agritech Ltd for effective control of Narrow and Broad-leaved weeds. It is a selective, systemic and post-emergence herbicide with EC & WP formulation. which delivers Excellent solution for Narrow and Broad leave weeds in the Soybean crop. It is a CIB 9(3) registered under The Insecticides Act, 1968.

MAX-SOY has strong systemic action i.e. moves in both ways through Xylem & Phloem.

MAX-SOY offers ingredients that provide farmers with effective crop protection with an easy application.


MAX-SOY is the chemistry of Quizalofop-ethyl 10% EC and Chlorimuron ethyl 25% WP from the group Aryloxyphenoxy-propionates & Sulfonylureas respectively.  These chemicals block the function of an enzyme called Acetyl Carboxylase(ACCase) & acetolactate (ALS) actohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) respectively. Acetyl CoA carboxylase ACCase & acetolactate (ALS) actohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS)  helps the formation of lipids and Amino Acid(Proteins) in the weed plants. Without lipids and Amino acid, susceptible weeds will die.

Pack size 150 ml, 450 ml

Features & Benefits

  • Efficacy at Low Dose: Provides outstanding control of Narrow and Broad leave weed in Soybean crop at 150 ml/acre and Safe to environment.
  • No Phyto-toxicity: Maintains excellent crop health.
  • Safe to Crop: Max-Soy does not harm the Soybean crop
  • Rain fastness: Absorb by plants in an hour to give optimum efficacy
  • Reduced Weeding Expenses: Max-Soy gives freedom from repeated manual weeding which leads to saving manual labor cost in herbicides application.
  • Increase Yield: Max-Soy results in more yield hence more profits.