Fenox - Selective, Post-Emergent Systemic Herbicide for Wheat in India
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Fenox (Pinoxaden 5.1% Ec) a post-emergent selective grass weed herbicide.  Fenox is a post-emergent systemic herbicide of the phenylpyrazole group, which effectively controls a broad spectrum of grass weeds in Wheat. It has built-in adjuvant for faster absorption in weeds. Offers excellent control of Phalaris minor and Avena sp. only. It is absorbed by leaves within 60 minutes – rain fastness. Fenox is safe to Wheat crop and subsequent crops.


Pinoxaden represents a unique new structure of a new chemical class. After uptake, pinoxaden interferes with the lipid metabolism in plant cells. The herbicide acts by inhibiting the enzyme Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase), interrupting the synthesis of fatty acids and as a final consequence impacts the formation of biomembranes 


Pack size 400 ml, 2 Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Faster result in comparison with the competition​.
  • Fenox has a wider window of an application.
  • Longer duration of control​.