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Markar Super


Markar Super (Bifenthrin 8% SC) is a systemic Pyrethroid insecticide and acaricide with a braod spectrum of activity which has a rapid knockdown and a long residual action.

Mode of action

Markar Super through its contact and stomach action controls different types of larvae, white fly, mites and jassids very effectively. It acts on the central and peripheral nervous system by interfering with sodium channel gating of insects. It effectiveky controls termites through contact, stomach and repellent actioin. It has strong Biphenyl bonds which provide stability and longer duration control. 


Pack size 250ml, 500ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr

Features & Benefits

  • It is effective for the control of sucking pest viz; Jassid, White fly, Hoppers, Thrips and Aphids on all major crops.
  • It is recommended for the control of Tea Mosquito bug and Red spider mite in Tea & Apple.
  • It does not have alpha-Cyno groups, so no skin irritation.
  • It is not volatile, so stable at higher temperature and also highly photo stable.
  • It is free of petroleum based ingredients & safe to predator and environment.
  • It has phyto-tonic effect which improves the vigour and keeps the crop healthy.