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Pyrithibac Sodium 10% Ec is the active ingredient in DOZO which is highly Selective pre-emergence herbicide for controlling broad-leaved weeds effectively in cotton for a longer duration.It inhibits acetolactate synthase enzyme (ALS) in broad leaves and stops protein synthesis and control. Dozo can be used as Pre-emergence herbicide: Post sowing of cotton when there is enough moisture in the soil. For best results, this has to be done, 2-8 days after sowing. Also as Postemergence herbicide: In moist soils when there is a likelihood of weed growth after first irrigation/rain.


Pack size 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Highly selective to broadleaf weeds.
  • High compatibility with other herbicide.
  • Dozo can be used as Preemergence, post sowing of cotton when there is enough moisture.
  • Dozo can be used as post emergence application In moist soils.