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Defend (Fipronil 80% WG) is a Fipronil based phenyl pyrazole insecticide. Defend is very effective in controlling stem borer and leaf folder in rice. Fipronil not only controls insect pests effectively but also shows plant growth enhancement effects which results in higher yields. The potent formulation enables effective control of pests at very low dose rates thereby resulting in lower impact on environment.

Mode of action

Primarily acts as an ingestion toxicant with some complimentary contact action and acts by interfering in nerve impulse transmission.


Pack size 2gm, 40gm,

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative Formulation (Fluid bed technology)-Ease in handling, measuring and dosing. It is free from dust particles, excellent suspension in water for improved coverage on crop.
  • Plant growth enhancement: Defend has shown demonstrable plant growth enhancement effect in many crops.
  • Minimal environmental effect: Extensive research has demonstrated that Fipronil has minimal impact on environment.