Weed Control: For control of germinated narrow and broad leaf weeds, spray Targa Super @ 300 ml + Barrier @ 100g/acre at 3-5 leaf stage of weeds.

Major Diseases and their Control

Early Blight: The disease is caused by a fungus Alternaria sp. Initially small isolated pale brown spotsappearon the leaves, which later turn into irregular dark brown spots and coalesce to form large patches looking like a blight. In severe infestation, the entire plant may defoliate affecting yield adversely.

For effective control of this disease, spray Sixer @ 400 g or Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop @ 400 g/acre as soon as the initial symptoms of disease appear.

Bacterial Spot: This disease is caused by XanthomonascampestrisPv.Vesicatoria (Xcv) and appears as small circular to irregular water soaked spots on the lower leaf surface. Later the spots become depressed and a rough bulge appears. The green fruits are alsoaffected. The disease heavily reduces the yields.

For effective control, spray Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop @ 400 g/acre on the appearance of initial symptoms of disease.

Bacterial Canker: The disease is caused by Corynebacteriumamichiganensis, a serious pathogen of tomato. In the initial stage, one side of leaf midrib looks like sun-burn and the other side looks healthy. Water soaked spots with white hole in centre and yellowish all around on green fruits appear. The bacterial canker affected fruits loose their market value.
For effective control of Bacterial Canker, spray Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop @ 400 g/acre uniformly.

Powdery Mildew: It is caused by the fungus Leveillulataurica. Initially light green to bright yellow spots appear on the upper surface of the leaves. A light powdery covering is visible on theleaves and green leaves turn yellow in colour and rot. For effective control, spray Hexadhan @ 200 ml or Cursor @ 50 ml/acre.

Major Insect Pests and their Control:

Fruit Borer: The borer enters the fruits making circular holes and completely destroys them resulting into heavy losses both in quality and yield.

For the effective control of this pest, spray Dunet @ 400 g/acre or Dhawa Gold @ 130 ml/acre.

Leaf Miner: The larvae of leaf miner bore into the leaves making serpentive white mines which adversely affect photosynthesis.
For its effective control, spray Caldan SP @ 300 g/acre or Ghatak @ 400 ml/acre.

White Fly: Nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from the leaves. For effective control of Whitefly, spray Dhanpreet @ 100 g or Markar 400 ml/acre.

Red Spider Mite: Mites are very tiny. Their nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from under side of leaves. For effective control, spray Omite @ 400 ml/acre.


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