Being a long duration crop, weeds, insect pests and diseases attack the crop from sowing to harvest and reduce the yields substantially and erode the profitability of the farmers.

Land Preparation :The soil should be properly tilled and kept free of clods and weeds.Apply fertilizers as per recommendations by the State Agricultural Universities/Department of Agriculture and soil test. Application of Dhanzyme Granules, a bio-fertilizer @ 8.0 kg/acre ensures improved germination and good crop stand. Second application of Dhanzyme granules should be done after 35-45 days of the first application, which would help in providing vigourto the crop. Ensure that there is sufficient moisture at the time of application of Dhanzyme granules.

Select an appropriate variety of sugarcane as recommended by State Agricultural University/ State Department of Agriculture for cultivation. Healthy seed material, free from insect pests and diseases and having high viability is essential for establishing crop at the first instance.

Termite Management :Termites attack causes severe damage to sugarcane crop. Termites attack the planted sugarcane setts, usually from cut ends or eye buds but in severe cases internodes as well. After germination, roots are attacked, eating all their contents and filling the galleries with soil, finally leaves dry up and plants die.The damage can be contained by treating the setts with Markar or Fax Gras under:-

At the time of sowing:- Mix 10 kg of “Fax GR” in 15-20 kg of dry sand and broadcast uniformly in one acre over cane setts in furrows. After this, cover the sugarcane setts with soil and give light irrigation.


Dissolver 400 ml Markar in 2.0 litre of water and then mix in 15-20 kg sand. Broadcast uniformly over cane setts in furrows in one acre area. Cover the setts with soil after application.

In Standing Crop:- Mix 8 kg Fax-GR in 15-20 kg dry sand or in manure and broadcast it in one acre area uniformly and then apply light irrigation.

Weed Management :Narrow leaf weeds like Cyperus, Echinochloa, Elusine, Cynodon,Sorghum, Dactylocteniumand broad leaf weeds like Amaranthus, Chenopodium, Euphorbia, Melilotus, Ipomea, Anagallis, Commelina germinate at various growth stages of the crop causing substantial yield losses.

For effective control of narrow as well as broad leaf weeds and Cyperus sp. in standing crop of sugarcane spray 1 litreWeedmar Super + 300 g Barrier per acre at 2-4 leaf stage of weeds. At the time of application of weedicides sufficient moisture in soil must be ensured.


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Insect Pest Management

Early Shoot Borer:The caterpillars bore into the central shoots and tunnel downwards, causing “Dead-Heart”, which can easily be pulled out. The attack can also be identified by the offensive smell in the infested fields. A number of side tillers are also produced, which in turn also get infested. The attack is usually severe in the early stages of the crop.

For effective control of Early Shoot Borer, broadcast Caldan-4 G or Fax GR 0.3 G @ 8-10 kg/acre followed by a light irrigation.

Pyrilla :Both nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from leaves. A black fungus/ mould like structure covers leaves with a black sooty layer which inhibits photosynthesis. Leaves turn yellow, wither and finally dry up. Sucrose percentage of cane is also reduced drastically. For effective control of Pyrilla, spray Dhanvan 20 EC @ 600 ml or Monodhan@200 ml/acre as soon as the pest appears.