Weeds, insect pests and diseases infestation affect the productivity of soybean to a great extent. In order to have enhanced production of good quality yield, seed treatment, control of weeds, insect pests and diseasesis very essential.


Seed Treatment: Soybean is infected by many seed and soil borne diseases,resulting to poor germination and/or seedlings death, causing poor plant population.

It is recommended totreat soybean seeds with Vitavax Power@ 2.0 g/kg seed or Vitavax Ultra 200 FF @ 2.5 ml/kg seed to ensure good and uniform germination even under adverse soil conditions like wet/dry soil, deep/shallow sowing, etc. Dissolve 100 ml of Vitavax Ultra 200 FF in 200 ml of water and treat 40 kg of seed.

Weed Control: Narrow and broad leaf weeds compete with soybean crop for light, water, space and nutrients and reduce yield to a great extent. Highest losses due to weeds have been observed during initial stages of 15-30 days after sowing. Therefore, weed control during this period is very essential.

Apply Dhanutop@ 1.0 litre per acre 0-3 days after sowing, ensure sufficient moisture in soil at the time of Dhanutop application.

In order to control narrow and broad leaf weeds in standing crop of soybean, spray Targa Super @ 300 ml + Qurin 15.0 g + Dhanuvit @ 250 ml/acre at 2 to 5 leaf stage of weeds or at the age of 10-20 days of soybean crop.

If in standing soybean crop, only narrow leaf weeds are the problem, spray Targa Super 5 EC @ 400 ml/acre. Targa Super will control all types of narrow leaf weeds from 3 leaf to flowering stage.

Always use Flood Jet or Flat Fan nozzle for weedicide spray.


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Control of Major Insect Pests

Spray Omite@ 400 ml/acre.

Girdle Beetle: This insect remains active from July to October. Female makes 2 rings (girdles) either on upper portion of stem or on leaf petiole or leaf stalk and bore 3 small holes, a little above lower ring, and lay eggs in the middle hole, which results in drying up of upper portion of plant. Larvae after coming out of eggs feed inside the stem and make stem hollow, resulting severe yield losses.

Spray Ghatak @ 300 ml/acre or Dhanulux @ 500 ml/acre at the initiation of infestation. Repeat the spray again if required. Spray of these insecticides also controls leaf eating caterpillars.

Green Semiloopers:Green Semilooper scraps green portion of leaves.Thereafter they eat whole leaf leaving behind only leaf veins. Later on, they damage flowers and pods also. Attack of this insect at flowering stage leads to non-fruiting or sterility in plants and cause drastic reduction in yield.

Spray Ghatak @ 300 ml/acre or Dhanulux @ 500 ml/acre or Dunet SP @ 300 g/acre at the start of the attack of this insect. Repeat the spray if necessary.

Pod Borer: This insectdamages the crop at the time of flowering and pod formation. Its larvae eat flowers and pods, which causes severe reduction in yields.

SprayDhawa Gold @ 100 ml or Em-1 @ 100g or /acre Dunet SP @ 400 g/acre as soon as the infestation/ attack starts and repeat the spray if necessary.

Tobacco Caterpillar: This insect mainly attacks the crop during August and September. Eggs are laid in mass of 1000 to 1500. After hatching, larvae remain gregarious for 4-5 days and feed on the chlorophyll content of leaves. Thereafter they eat flowers and pods and cause reduction in yield to a greater extent.

Apply EM-1 @ 100 g/acre or Dunet SP @ 300 g/acre. In case of severe attack, use Dunet SPas a Poison Baits. For the preparation of Poison Bait, first take 5 liters of water and boil it. Add 2 kg jaggeryin boiling water and mix it properly. After cooling, add 300 g Dunet SP (Insecticide) and mix it properly after wearing hand gloves. This mixture should be spread/ mixed in 10-15 kg of wheat husk on a plastic sheet. This poison bait should be broadcast during evening time in one acre of standing crop.

Red Spider Mites: Both nymphs and adults of mites suck the cell sap from leaves, due to which small yellow coloured spots develop on mite affected leaves. These spots later on turn into grey brown/ purplish in colour, and finally infested leaves fall prematurely. The symptoms of mites affected crop resemble with thoseof rust affected crop. Due to mite attack, photosynthesis is adversely affected and yield gets reduced.

Control of major diseases

Rust: Infectation of this disease is found more at flowering stage of the crop. Small spots of angular pin head shaped, muddy brown and reddish brown in colour appear in groups. Later on, these spots turn dark brownish-blackcoloured ejected surface spots and as a result leaves become yellow, dry and defoliate prematurely.

Spray Hexadhan @ 300 ml/acre at the appearance of the disease symptoms.

Yellow Mosaic: The leaves of yellow mosaic affected plants become yellow in colourwith green patches here and there. In case of severe attack, all the leaves turn yellow and in affected plants there is no flowering and fruiting. White fly acts an agent for the dissemination of this virus.

For control of this disease, spray Dhanpreet @ 100 g/acre or Media @ 80 ml/acre as soon as the initial symptoms of the disease appear on leaves.

Essential Plant Nutrients: To meet the requirements of essential plant nutrients and realizing highest yield of soybean crop, spray Dhanzyme Gold @ 1.0 ml/litre of water after 25-30 days of sowing.Second spray should be undertaken after 15-20 daysafter first spray.