Dhanuka launched its much awaited herbicide- “SEMPRA”, a CIB 9(3) Registration under The Insecticides Act, 1968. SEMPRA is an acclaimed product of Nissan Chemical Industries Limited, Japan and has been launched for the first time in India by DAL, for control of weeds adversely affecting sugar-cane crop.

Mr.R.G.Agarwal, Chairman of the Company said, “We are very excited about SEMPRA. We expect that all Sugarcane growing areas like Maharashtra, UP, Karnataka, Tamil Naidu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Punjab & Haryana will benefit from this new product. This will have positive impact on crop yields and farmer’s income.”

SEMPRA is a herbicide with WDG formulation (i.e. water dispensable granular) for control of a malicious weed in Sugar-cane crop, which is presently not controlled by any weedicide available in India.

Mr.M.K.Dhanuka, Managing Director stated, “SEMPRA herbicide is not only very cost effective but also promises to increase sugar-cane yield. Also, it has to be used in very small quantity as compared to traditional herbicides.”

Sempra has been extensively evaluated and recommended by institution/ universities like Vasantdada Sugar Institute (Maharashtra), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Regional Research Station (Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar), Agricultural Research Station (University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharward), U. P. Council of Sugarcane Research, Narendra Deva University of Agriculture & Technology, Faizabad (UP).