Gurgaon (Haryana)

  • First production facility of Dhanuka, Established in 1960 under the banner Northern Minerals Limited
  • Dhanuka acquired the unit in 1980 and since then are continuously upgrading towards modernization
  • Land area – 30,000 sq meter
  • Equipped with latest specialized equipments for manufacturing various formulations namely
    • EC, SC, SL, SE, EW, CS
    • SP, WP, WDG
  • On site NABL (Indian GLP) Lab
    • Formulation Development
    • Soil and Water Testing
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 Certified

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir)

  • State of the art manufacturing site
  • 12 filling lines dedicated for Liquids
    • EC, SC & SL
  • 2 lines for powder formulations
    • WP, SP
  • Proposed WDG facility by 2012
  • Online monitoring of quality conforming to highest standards
  • Zero water discharge
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 Certified

Sanand near Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

  • Land area: 60,000 sqm
  • 2nd largest installed capacity granule facility in India
    • Cartap, Phorate, Dhanzyme
  • One of the largest dusting powder facilities in India
  • Largest dedicated Cartap Hydrochloride SP formulation facility

Proposed to add in near future

  • New construction site:- 20,000 sqm
  • Largest liquid formulation facility in India
  • Fully automated; with minimum manual intervention
  • Proposed 24 lines for liquid formulations, 8 lines for Powder/ WDG
    • Dedicated separate blocks for Insecticides/ Fungicides and Herbicides
  • Provision for super sensitive product area with high degree of contamination prevention. Safety kept on high priority thus keeping pollution under check
  • Zero water discharge
  • No air leakage to atmosphere
  • ASRS 10,000 pallets storage. Move 2000 per day
  • Study tours of company executives to China, Japan, Europe and US to understand current best manufacturing practices


Quality Control and Assurance

DAL strives for total Control on this important aspect. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified in all its locations.

We have ISO: 14001 also for UDH unit and are going to apply for ISO: 14001 for other locations also.

Our R&D centre at Gurgaon is certified by Ministry of Science and Technology Government Of India as a certified research lab.

To achieve newer heights in quality control, our R&D laboratory at Gurgaon unit is certified by National Accredition Board for Laboratories (NABL) which is Indian version of internationally acclaimed GLP certification.

We believe that QC is a post mortem of why a problem happened. To achieve the highest echelons of quality, we must now move to QA.

We have instituted an active QA program where our team monitors all processes to ensure that any problems are identified and corrected pro-actively before, having a chance of occurring. This process is expected to help us not only to improve our Products quality but also reduce wastage and rejections of finished goods.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest machinery to check not just the quality of our product, but also extensively ensure that all the packaging material used is also conforming to the highest standards set in the world.