At the time of transplanting, apply fertilizer dose as per the recommendations of the State Agriculture University/State Department of Agriculture. For healthy crop, apply Dhanzyme Granule @ 8.0 kg/acre.

Weed Management: Different types of broad and narrow leaf weeds affect paddy crop at initial stage of growth by taking up major and minornutrients, resulting in decreased growth of the paddy plants leading to heavy declinein yield.

For effective control of broad and narrow leaf weeds, apply Craze 50 EC @ 500ml/acre after 2-3 days of transplanting.


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Insect Pests and their management

StemBorer: Stem borer attack causes heavy yield losses to paddy crop at different growth stages. The early stage larvae which come out of eggs damage the leaf or leafsheath and middle growing portion due to which leaves get dried, which is also known as “Dead Heart”. Due to its infestation at the time of ear-head emergence, ears get dried and turn white in colour, which is known as “White Ear Head”. Ear Heads of affected plants can be easily pulled out.

For the effective control of paddy stem borer, use Caldan-4G @ 7.5 kg/acre after 25-30 days of transplanting, followed by the spray of Caldan 50 SP @ 300-400 g/acre after 50-60 days of transplanting.

Note: Ensure 3-5 cm of standing water in paddy fields at the time of Caldan 4 G application and maintain this level of water in fields during next 4-5 days.

Leaf Folder: The larvae folds the leaves and remains inside the folds and eat green leaves causing white streaks on leaves. As a result, the photosynthesis gets decreased thereby, decrease in rate of formation of plant food, causing severe decline in crop yield.

For effective control of leaf folder, spray Caldan 50 SP @ 300 g/acre after 25-30 days of transplanting or at the initiation of attack.

BrownLeaf Hopper: This insect is very harmful for paddy. Its nymph and adults both harbur in lower portion of plants and suck the cell sap from stem and excrete poisonous matter in plants causing drying up of leaves and stems. The infestation appears in circle shapes, in non-uniform manner at different places in the field i.e. not spread throughout the field. Later on, upon heavy infestation whole field appears as burnt. Therefore,attack is also known as “Hopper Burn”.

White Backed Hopper: This insect damages the crop by sucking the cell sap from plants. Incase of severe attack, outer leaves of plants show wilting symptoms. For control of Brown Plant Hopper and White Backed Hoppers, apply Apple 25 SC @ 330 ml/acre

Green Leaf Hopper: Its nymphs and adults, both suck the sap from plants. Affected plants turn yellow and growth is retarded, as a result less number of ears are formed. This insectspreadsTungro Virus disease in paddy crop. For the control of this insect, spray 40 g of Areva 25 WG or 100 ml of Media 17.8 SL or 300-400 g Caldan 50 SP per acre at the time of appearance of this insect on crop.

Gal Midge: This insect mainly attacks paddy crop at tillering stage. Ears do not emerge in Gal Midge infested plants,resulting in severe damage to crop production.

For control of this insect, apply Dhan 10 G @ 10.0 kg/acre.