Weed Control: For control of germinated narrow leaf weeds, spray Targa Super @ 300 ml.

Spray Dhanutop @ 1.0 litre/acre within 2-3 days of transplanting. Ensure that there is sufficient moisture in the soil at the time of spray of Dhanutop.

Major Diseases and their Control





Downy Mildew: It is caused by the fungus Peronosporadestructor and is most apparent on older onion leaves and seed stalks. Inthe morning when dew is still present on the foliage, downy mildew will appear as violet, furry growth on the leaf. Infected leaves become pale green or yellow, turn brown, then collapse and die.

For control of Downy Mildew, spray Sixer @ 400 g/acre as soon as the initial symptoms of disease start appearing.

Purple Blotch:It is caused by AlternariaPorri. It is apathogen that affects leaves that have already been attacked by other Pathogens and insects. Due to its infestation initially minute whitish spots are formed on the leaves, the central part of which is of purple colour. Irregular chlorotic areas on the tip of leaves are formed. Lateron, spots join together and spread to the entire leaf area. Leaves gradually die from the tip downwards. The bulbs do not develop and the outer scales of bulb, seed stock and neck are also infested, severly affecting yield.

For the effective control, treat the seed with Vitavax Power @ 2 g/kg of seed. In standing crop, spray Sixer @ 400 g/acre.

Bacterial Soft Rot: The infestation initiates with the rotting of outer scales. The disease is easily identified by gently pressing the bulbs, which ooze out a watery fluid. Affected bulbs also show shiny ooze on the outer scales. This disease causes heavy losses in yield and profitability.

For effective control of this disease, spray tank mix of Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop @ 400 g/acre, as soon as initial symptoms of disease start appearing.

Major Insect Pests and their Control:

Thrips: Thrips (Thripstabaci)are minute insects with fringed wings, which lacerate tissues and suck the sap from leaves. The affected leaves show silvery white blotches. Thrips attack cause significant reduction in yield.

For effective control of Thrips, spray Deva Shakti @ 300 ml/acre.

Maggot&Onion Fly (Delia antiqua): Maggots burrow down into underground portion of stem and often cave out a small cavity which results in rotting of bulbs. For its effective control, apply Caldan 4 G @ 10 kg/acre as soil application, immediately after transplanting/sowing and ensure that there is sufficient moisture in the field. A light irrigation may be given just after application of Caldan 4 G.

Nematodes: Due to attack of nematodes, plants become wrinkled and whitish and yellow spots,appear on new leaves. The bulbs rot, the upper or outer layers get separated and rotted.
For effective control of nematodes, broadcast “Caldan 4 G” @ 10.0 kg/acre, just after transplanting/sowing followed by a light irrigation.


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