Weed Control: For the control of germinated narrow leaf weeds in Okra (Bhindi), spray Targa Super @ 300 ml/acre at 3-5 leaf stage of weeds.

Major Diseases and their Control

Powdery Mildew: A grayish powdery growth appears, both on the upper and lower surface of leaves causing severe reduction in yields.

For effective control, spray Hexadhan @ 200ml or Cursor @ 50 ml/acre as soon as the initial symptoms of disease appear.

Major Insect Pests and their Control:

Green Jassids:The nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from leaves resulting to yellowing of leaves. For the effective control of this pest, spray Markar@ 400ml/acre or Media S.L. @ 80 ml or Dhanpreet @ 100 g/acre.

Shoot and Fruit Borer: Initially larvae bore into tender shoots and make tunnel downwards. The affected shoots wither, droop and ultimately destroyed. Side shoots arise giving plant a bushy appearance. The borer also bores into buds, flowers and fruits.

For effective control of shoot and fruit borer, apply Aaatank @ 400 ml or Markar @ 400 ml or Dunet @ 400 g/acre.

White Fly:Nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from leaves. White fly also spreads yellow vein mosaic virus disease due to which young leaves turn yellow resulting in stunted growth and reduced flowering and fruiting.

For successful control of white fly, spray Markar @ 400 ml orDhanpreet @ 100 g or Media SL @ 80 ml/acre.

Red Spider Mites:Nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from underside of the leaves resulting in yellow white spots. Leaves gradually curl, get wrinkled and crump.

For control ofRed Spider Mites, spray Omite @ 400 ml/acre immediately at the start of attack.

Root-Knot Nematodes:The knots damage the roots and affected roots turn into knots like structures. Plants become yellowish, remain stunted and wilt permanently.

For control of Root-KnotNematodes, apply Caldan 4 G @ 10 kg/acre at the time of sowing. Ensure sufficient moisture in the soil at the time of Caldan 4 G application.


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