A Powerful heribicide for control of broad leaf weeds in the wheat

The tough weeds of wheat controlled by Nabood


(Bathua)Chenopodium    (Piyaji)Asphodelus sp.


(Maina)Medicago     (Satyanashi)Argemone


(Krishna Neel)Anagallis     (Kandiyali Palak)Rumex


(Metsulfuron-methyl 20% WP)

  • Hook is a selective post-emergence herbicide of Triazinyl-sulfonylurea group, which effectively controls the broad leaf weeds in the standing crop of wheat.
  • Hook is completely safe to wheat crop
  • Hook also controls very effectively the weeds like wild onion, Rumex sp. (Jangli & Kandiyali Palak)
  • Hook is rain-fast after 4 hours of application.




Time of application


Broad leaf weeds like Chenopodium, Melilotus, Medicago, Anagallis, Wild onion, Vicia, Rumex, Argemone, etc.


25-35 days after sowing or within 10 days after first irrigation when weeds are in 4 leaves stage.


Eclipta (Nanka, Bhangra, Mahanali,Susuriga)
Wild paddy


2-4 leaf stage of weeds

Method of solution preparation:- Dissolve 8 gram Hook in 8 litre of clean water, then add 200 ml surfactant to make a stock solution. Fill Knapsack sprayer half with clean water, then add 1 litre of stock solution to it and fill the sprayer with water. Spray at least 8 spray pumps /acre using Flat fan or Flood Jet nozzle for better results.

Note: Sultop may be used with Hook to control both narrow and broad leaf weeds.

Precaution: Never use Hook, if Mustard, Sunflower, Pea or any other broad leaf crop is intercropped with wheat.