Corporate Social Responsibility is a process with the aim to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders.



As part of its CSR, DAL firmly believes in caring for the environment as the company deals in hazardous chemicals. All the production units of the company follow the best standards in the industry for pollution control. All the units are having the requisite Effluent Treatment Plants to ensure no hazardous chemicals are released in the atmosphere.

Understanding the need to raise the bar in our industry – DAL is planning to use the most advanced and innovative technologies for controlling all forms of pollution at its upcoming manufacturing facility in Rajasthan – which is a Green-Field project and will be operational from the year 2014.

For last several years – Dhanuka has been focusing on conserving and saving water. Every year, World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March worldwide – Dhanuka organises specialised training programs for water conservation at the rural level along with a painting competition on saving water with school children across the country where we receive 1000′s of entries and the best entries are rewarded. Also, Dhanuka has announced a reward of Rs. 5000 for its employees and dealers who will arrange rainwater harvesting at their home.


Water Management at Village & Farmer Level.

Water Conservation


Consumers form the most important part of DAL’s operations and thus the company has intense focus on the welfare of the farming community which it serves. Dhanuka employs a large field force of over 1000 people across the country to educate the farmer about the safe and judicious use of pesticides through its initiative called “Dhanuka Kheti Ki Nayi Takneek”.This team known as “Dhanuka Doctors” are trained month on month basis to deliver the message of modern farming to the Indian farmer at his door and on his farm.

In addition to this – Dhanuka keeps organising numerous training programs and meetings for the farmers to educate them about using the new and environment friendly products to increase their yield. The focus is always on improving farmer profitability through sustainable agricultural practices.


Employees are the heart and soul of any organisation. Dhanuka is no different and recognizes the importance of keeping our team happy and motivated. The top 10% of the the entire Dhanuka team has worked with us for more than 20 years. At the same time the bottom 20% of the team has served for less than 3 years. This ensures that we have the benefit of experience as well as youth with us.

The organisation believes in listening to its employees and framing policies which are easy to understand and beneficial for them. We also believe in providing benefits to the extended Dhanuka family – i.e., the family of our employees. We run scholarship programs for the children of our employees to encourage them to study harder and become capable men and women. Some of our policies like 0% interest loan to employees, own a car, own a laptop scheme are just few examples. We at Dhanuka believe in inclusiveness and take opinion from our employees while framing any policies for them.

The Company has been organising drawing competition at All India level for the children of its staff and distributors.

Drawing Competition Year 2012

Drawing Competition English

Drawing Competition Hindi

Drawing Competition Year 2013


In order to support the community – Dhanuka through its trust runs 1 ashram named “Dhanuka Ashram” at Vrindavan for pilgrims visiting the Holy town of Vrindavan in Mathura. The ashram provides clean and hygienic stay arrangements through 60 Air Conditioned rooms. The ashram is a centre for enhancing spiritual and mental well-being of an individual with a small temple and regular spiritual meditation and yoga sessions. Needless to say -it is a not for profit establishment.

In addition to this – Dhanuka through its trust runs 1 School named “Durga Prasad Dhanuka Adarsh Vidya Mandir” at Ratangarh in Churu District, Rajasthan. The school was established in the year 1994 when a need for quality education was felt in the small town of Ratangarh by the eminent people from the Town. Dhanuka was having old land and building which was used as a makeshift school till a new school building was ready in the year 1998. Currently the school has a two storey building with basement and caters to around 1200 students from the town and other nearby locations with classes from KG to 10th. The school has a track record of 98%+ passing rate with number of students appearing in the Merit list every year. The trust also rewards meritorious students with silver medals, books and scholarships every year on annual function of school.

The students have also represented the school in various sports especially table tennis at the National level with various awards. The school is now considered as one of the best in the district for education, sports and extra curricular activities. The trust has acquired fresh land for construction of a new school building with an open ground to further develop the sporting talent of the students and provide a higher standard of education to the students.

Recently – Dhanuka has established a Community Hall in the same town – Ratangarh through its trust for social events as well.


Prayer was performed through 5 Kundiya Rudra Maha Yagya at Vrindavan from 23 to 27 March 2012 for sufficient & timely rains & for the prosperity of all human beings. The highlights were Ahuti by participants, Raas Leela, Bhandara, and Prasad on all days. A day before, in the wake of World Water Day on 22 March, an especially prepared brochure was released by the Group Chairman, Mr.R G Agarwal, followed by an address on water conservation & reuse. Paintings on water conservation by the children of Dhanuka distributors and staff were displayed.

CSR Policy