Weed Control : Weeds compete with crop for water, soil nutrients, light and space and thus reduce crop yields and its quality. Timely management of weeds is necessary to minimize crop losses due to weeds.
For control of germinated narrow leaf weeds, in standing crop, spray Targa Super @ 300-400 ml/acre at 3-5 leaf stage of weeds. Always use Flood Jet or Flat Fan nozzle for spray.

Major Diseases and their Control

Anthracnose/Dieback/Fruit Rot: The branches and leaves get dried and black spots are formed on infected parts due to attack of this disease on plants. The fruits drop prematurely resulting in yield losses.

For effective control of this disease, spray Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop 400 g/acre or Sixer @ 400 g/acre uniformly.

Choaenophora Blight: This is a bacterial disease. Initially brownish black spots appear on the buds and flowers and also on epical growing tissues. The bacteria rapidly kills the upper portion of the plant, thereby adversely affecting the fruiting and yield.
For the effective control of this disease, spray Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop 400 g/acre uniformly.

Major Insect Pests and their Control

Leaf Curl/Leaf Crinkling Syndrome: Due to attack of Mites(Polyphagotarsonemuslatus) and Thrips (Scirtothripsdorsalis) on Chilli, leaves crul upward/ downward and formation or emergence of new leaves and fruits is stopped resulting in severe decline in yield. Both nymphs and adults of Thrips and Mites suck the cell sap from young leaves resulting into small sized leaves. The younger leaves get clustered as well.For effective control of these pests, spray Omite @ 400 ml + Ghatak @ 400 ml per acre. Repeat the spray after 8-10 days of first spray.

White Fly: The nymphs and adults of White Fly suck the cell sap from the leaves and weaken the plants. Apart from this, White Fly disseminates leaf curl virus disease also. The leaves turn yellow affecting adversely growth and yield.
For controlling White Fly, spray Dhanpreet @ 100 g or Media @ 80 ml/acre or Markar10 EC @ 400 ml/acre uniformly as soon as the initial attack is seen.

Fruit-Borer/Pod-Borer:The larvae initially feed on the leaves and later on make circular holes on chilli fruit and feed on the internal contents. The quality and quantity of produce is highly affected adversely resulting into severe economic losses.

For controlling Fruit-Borer, spray Dhawa Gold @ 120 ml or Dunet @ 400 g/acre uniformly.


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