Weed Control: For controlling germinated narrow leaf weeds, apply Targa Super @ 300-400 ml/acre upto 3-5 leaf stage of weeds using Flood Jet or Flat Fan nozzle.

Major Diseases and their Control

Black Rot:This is a bacterial disease, caused by Xanthomonascampestris. Due to the disease leaves develop yellow lesions on margins and subsequently wilt. Affected plants usually have a long bare stem with only a small tuft of leaves left at the top. The disease may appear at any time during entire growth period and even ready to harvest crop may also be affected.

Soft Rot :This is a serious bacterial disease of cole crops,caused by Erwiniacarotovora. The tissues are decayed giving foul smell.

For effective control of this disease, spray Kasu-B @ 400 ml + Dhanucop @ 400 g/acre.

Major Insect Pests and their Control:

Diamond Back Moth:The Diamond Back Moth damages the crop very heavily. Its caterpillars feed on leaves of cabbage and cauliflower, make small and white tunnels between veins on the underside of young leaves, leaving intact the parchment like epidermis. Later on, they feed voraciously on leaves causing lot of small holes. The quality and yields are severly affected adversely.

For effective control, spray Dhawa Gold @ 100 ml/acre or Em-1 @ 100 g/acre orCaldan S.P. @ 300 g/acre at the onset of attack.

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