Weed Control: For successful control of germinated narrow leaf weeds in brinjal crop, spray Targa Super @ 300 – 400 ml /acre at 3 – 5 leaf stage of weeds.

Insect Pestsand their Control

Shoot and Fruit Bores:Pinkish caterpillars bore into shoots and fruits. The infested shoots drop down and dry up.

For its control, spray Aaantak 300-400 ml/acre or Dunet @ 300 g/acre.

White Fly:Nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from lower surface of leaves. The affected leaves become yellow, curl downward and ultimately shed. This pest also disseminates Little-leaf disease. The nymphs execretehoney dew resulting into sooty mould forming black coating on leaves.

For effective control of White Fly, spray Markar @ 400 ml or Dhanpreet @ 100 g/acre.

Red Spider Mite: Nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from the leaves. The infested leaves curl and get crinkled. Yellow spots are visible on the leaves. In severe infestation, a fine silken web is visible on leaves and fruits are also affected. Leaves become reddish and ultimately shed. Crop yield is reduced to agreater extent.

For effective control of mite, spray Omite @ 400 ml/acre.

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